There are times when I want nothing to do with my kitchen, when even looking in its direction causes a headache. There are other times when I cannot stay away. Over the past year especially, I’ve been working more and more at cooking my own food and discovering the joy in both the process and the eating. Cooking for one can be daunting, but I hope that I will get better at this.

I want this to be a place to write down what I’m cooking and eating and what food I’m thinking about. I tend to not write down what I’ve made, and so when I have a delicious dinner and want to make it again, there’s nothing for me to follow to make it again. Similarly, with dinners that turn out disastrously, without writing down what I did, I have no idea how to avoid what went wrong in the future.

Often I don’t measure my ingredients, instead eyeballing the ingredient, and going by my personal taste for the ingredient. If there are measurements in the recipes I post, they are usually estimates. Feel free to add more or less based on personal taste, or the little notes I’ll post with the recipes about how things turned out!

Happy cooking!



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