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I picked up my seeds the other day! At the store, I went a bit nutty with the seeds, picking up more than intended; but that’s ok, because this summer is sure to be fun with all the growing experiments I’ll be doing. If you’re not able to read the labels or tell from the pictures what I picked up, there’s cilantro, basil, brandywine tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, scarlet nantes carrots, mixed carrots (yellow, red, white, purple, and orange), parsley, spinach, strawberries, red onions,  and blue lake beans (bush variety). A good start to gardening, yes? I thought oregano was in there, but apparently not. Oregano’s something I use a lot, so I might have to pick up some seeds, but that’s it! Nothing else!

I’m very excited about the different kinds of carrots, as the only carrots that I knew existed were orange ones. So eating a purple or white carrot will be an experience. Hopefully a wonderful one.

My grow light and germinating mix have arrived, so I’ll be starting some of these seeds soon (probably by the end of the weekend), and can’t wait to share what happens with everything.