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Today was exciting. The kind of exciting that comes from going to a great baking store and buying wonderful supplies. The kind of exciting that comes from seeing an entire wall of different kinds of cocoas, another two walls (plus small scattered displays) of different kinds of flours, a display of delicious extracts, and oh so much more! Today we went to King Arthur Flour, which is in Norwich, Vermont.  This place is great. It has baking classes, a delicious deli, and a store with all of the above-mentioned goodies plus so much more. It would have been really easy for me to go absolutely insane in there, completely filling a cart with flours, cooking pans, cookie sheets, cake tins, and pizza stones, just to name a few. As it was, I only ended up filling the top shelf on my mini cart.

The Loot

I’m really quite giddy about all the flours that I bought today: whole wheat, semolina, pumpernickel, and cake flour. I also bought Peter Reinhart’s “Whole Grain Breads” book, which I can’t wait to read and try some of the recipes. The book focuses on using flours other than wheat, which is what I’m interested in right now. It also has recipes for bagels, flatbreads, and crackers!

Do you see that bag in the far right-hand corner? It’s black cocoa. When I opened the bag the smell was overpowering and amazing. This is the richest, most decadent smelling cocoa that I’ve ever come across. I cannot wait to combine it with the cake flour to make an incredibly sinful chocolate cake. Oh yeah; I also bought almond extract and orange extract. I do believe some of that almond extract will be going into this future cake of chocolatey death as well.

And I had to buy a knife sharpener. Really. My parents’ knives are dismal. Slicing and chopping anything is arduous and frustrating. So later tonight that sharpener will definitely be put to good use, and wham! Beautifully sliced vegetables will follow.

Stay tuned for the bread I will be making in the future!